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If there is one person in the world who loves corgi, it is England’s Queen Elizabeth II. She loves the dog so much that they have been entwined with her legacy. According to Vanity Fair, her beloved dog has been included in her official portraits, sculpted in her official statues and embossed on commemorative coins.

The Buckingham Palace gift shop has cashed in on her adoration/ offering a variety of corgi-themed goods, from key chains to stuffed animals. Even Vanity Fair featured the Queen on its front cover with her corgis.

A corgi is a small type of herding dog that originated in Wales. Two separate breeds are recognized – Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke is the more popular breed of the two with the Cardigan breed making the list of the Vulnerable Native Breeds of The Kennel Club. The Queen prefers the Pembroke breed which has longer bodies, thick coats of fur. Some Pembrokes are born without a tail.

Considering all the ways these corgis have been immortalized, it is surprising that it has taken this long for someone to come up with an animated move about the dogs. Lionsgate has finally taken up the challenge and has come up with The Queen’s Corgi.

Based on the official trailer, the movie tells the story of Rex, the newest corgi to arrive at Buckingham Palace. The queen is clearly infatuated by Rex as he is allowed to sleep with her and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

To the dismay of the other corgis and the butler, Rex runs the show at Buckingham Palace. He is allowed to get away with whatever he wants. Rex also continually gets into mischief around the palace – he purposely pees on the butler’s shoes, he knocks over a suit of armor, and he poops on the carpet.

However, life is not all fun and games for Rex. Later in the movie, he gets lost, and winds up meeting a group of rough dogs at a doggie fight club, according to Variety. Afterwards, he goes on an expedition to return to his palatial home and the queen and he learns a few major life lessons along the way. The film is directed by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot and is written by Rob Sprackling and John R. Smith.

In real life, the Queen has never actually had a corgi named Rex. The Queen got her two corgis when she was seven years old and were named Dookie and Jane. When she was 18, received another corgi and named her Susan.

In true monarch fashion, the queen bred Susan to continue the royal corgi line and that line stayed strong until April 2018 when her final royal corgi, Willow, passed away, the Daily Mail reported. Susan’s bloodline produced at least 30 Pembroke Welsh corgis, according to The New York Times and was given various names like Monty, Foxy, Bushy, Whisky and Bisto Oxo.

The queen still has two dogs named Vulcan and Candy, though they are “dorgis,” a crossbreed that resulted when of her corgis got together with one of Princess Margaret’s dachshunds., The New York Times added.

There is a possibility that the Queen might have had a corgi who had the personality of Rex. This is another way to bring the people close to the Royal Family. The Queen’s Corgi will hit theaters sometime in 2019.

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