Budget Friendly Makeup Products

Gogagah.com | How to take care of your budget when buying makeup?

By nature, all women are beautiful, but we like to accentuate our beauty, using the face as a canvas, to express ourselves through our makeup. Nothing wrong with this! The situation gets complicated, when the budget limits us. We are forced to choose between quality and price. Here we present several tips to take care of your budget when buying your makeup, without having to limit your creativity. Recently I participated in fancy dress competition for that I had to search a lot in order to find the budget friendly makeup products.

It has happened to all of us, we found the perfect tone of makeup for eyes, we invested a mini fortune to acquire it and a little later it has gone out of style, the palette has broken or we have just tired of seeing the same color on our face, day after day The same goes for all the items we want to have or need for different occasions or styles. It can be highly expensive and frustrating to keep our makeup collection and our finances in order.

Price vs. Quality

I will not advise you to look for less expensive or lower quality brands, rather the opposite, when investing in your beauty, the first thing to consider is the quality of each of the products that you will apply on your skin. As they say around there, finally the cheap is expensive. However, not always the most expensive is the best quality.

Remember to always look for environment friendly products, free of animal cruelty during its development and production process and free of chemical substances harmful to humans, especially seeking to be free of carcinogenic substances.

Quality vs. Durability

You have already defined which brands you are willing to apply on your skin, now it is time to select the best products of these brands, according to their durability. When we talk about durability, we do not refer to the time in which a specific product has before its expiration date, we refer to the time it will last on your face, without needing retouching.

Most brands currently offer long-lasting products, this will not only help you save product by needing fewer tweaks throughout the day. The idea is that you do not have to carry in your bag all the range of products you have, but only few essentials for a quick touch-up. This will help you reduce the cost of replacing broken, battered or lost pallets.

Durability vs. Size

Once you have filtered the most suitable product ranges for their quality and durability, you will have to verify the size of your presentation, available for purchase. You will find that there are brands that sell medium and large sizes, and the price of large sizes will attract your attention and will seem an excellent opportunity to save. There is nothing more wrong!

Buy makeup in large sizes is a serious mistake, the colors go out of style, the makeup expires, the palette is too heavy or large to transport. In one way or another much of the purchased will end up wasted. It is preferable to buy everything in small containers, and if possible multi-purpose products. Do not you love wetting your shadow and turning it into eyeliner?

Personal experience

We first must have to look at the characteristics of the products, we have to filter the multiple options for their advantages and finally we have to decide on their sizes. We can complete our beauty collection for this season, without neglecting any essential, without limiting the trend tones and sure that you will not end up wasting anything.

You will love the environmental and social responsibility that applies, although of course, any process is subject to improvement.

Among the basics of daily use, we can select

Face preparatory or “face first”:

Time Balm from The Balm, 30ml is enough for more than a month of use, if you know how to apply it correctly.

Eye shadow primer preparatory:

Herbal eye shadow primer, only 0.17 ounces, you just have to take care of the application brush and keep it clean so that it does not contaminate the product of the container. These are usually used during party, function, or any other costumes ideas that you are planning to execute.

Base and dust:

Up to 20 hours without required retouching, fully checked. Its long duration and matte finish make it unnecessary to carry it in your bag all day, even on the busiest days.

To correct those little “imperfections”:

Time Balm concealed of The Balm, 0.26 ounces, in a perfect packaging to carry in the bag and perfect the makeup eventually, especially on very hectic days.

For everything else:

From The Balm, you can moisten the shadows of the palette and use them as eyeliner or eyebrow makeup.

Definitely a good Balm, is the most recommended to meet all your needs. All these products are above average common makeup prices, but their great versatility represents a justified investment and that in the long term will represent a decrease in your monthly makeup expenses.