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Contrary to the idiom, it’s not about the difficult things that happened but the brilliant creations created all at the same time. Gogagah had the opportunity to get-to-know this multi-talented designer from GenSan, Rain Ramas.

Here’s a quick Q&A:

1. You grew up from Lego, will that be the reason why you took up architecture and interior design?

I’ve always had Lego in my hands ever since I can remember. I think it’s the perfect toy and tool for developing minds. Lego definitely was one of the inspirations I had when I decided to take up Architecture, then moving on to Interior Design.

One of the things that Lego have developed in me is the multi-dimensional perception of an object or space, and the belief that with basic engineering and physics, I can shape and build many things in any scale. It brought out the visual artist in me.

2. As a kid, what do you usually build with your Lego?

Many different things – architecture, characters, landscapes, cars, and of course, airplanes!

I enjoyed creating play environments and sceneries for my action figures. I remember making a castle and dungeon for my G.I. Joes.

3. And now that you’re a renowned Decorator and Furniture Designer, do you still play Lego?

I still do! Although this time, I use it with a mix of other materials like cardboard, clay, plastic, wood, etc. My exposure to different materials because of my training and my work has made creating more exciting!

This time, though, I often do “permanent” creations, meaning I do not intend to dismantle them for future play. I often secure the pieces with glue, spray paint them, and detail them as envisioned.

4. What’s your model then?

Recently, I just did a section of temple ruins inspired by Angkor Wat on a trip to Cambodia last year. Most of it was made of wood, though.

5. How does a typical day works for an artist like you?

I am the type of artist who steps away from routines and monotonous activity,and a typical day for me starts late in the morning. I do checks on my workshop, do client rounds, and daydream (yes, I take daydreaming seriously. Most of my best works are results of that). For most of the day, I do the business side of my art, but late in the evening, that’s where the magic happens. I have developed the habit of doing my creative hobbies at around 10 pm, then finish anywhere between 2 am and 5 am.

I do make it a point to travel once in a while for inspiration. It’s my form of “educational advancement.”

6. Do you also paint? Sketch for sure.

I paint, but on 3D objects, since most of my works are miniatures – and they require a lot of painting work! Probably the only flat works I do are sketches, but they will eventually become 3 dimensional.

7. Which do you prefer landscape or portrait or abstract?

My appreciation and the manifestation of my art comes in all sorts of orientations, depending on what feels right at that moment. But probably because of my background in Architectural studies, I always prefer something more formal than abstract. It shows in my works.

8. What’s the best time for your creation?

10 pm onward, or just right before I sleep. That’s when the best ideas come in. Hahaha!

9. And your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from many different things, and they vary a lot. There was a time when I was inspired by the movie “Maleficent” (though I’ve been a fan of the character since I was little) that I made over two dozen art pieces of her ranging from dolls, paper dolls, action figures, and figurines.

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10. In building furniture, what material do you use?

Wood is my favorite material, and if I can go at it 100%, I will. I think that there is something about wood that attaches itself to human sensibility. I personally find wood comforting, sophisticated, and eternally tasteful as a material.

 12347919_1701863683382769_3914660466039352459_n  12347658_1701862563382881_7843669645121655808_n   11051869_10153169319758143_5924039880517226877_n

11. Are you a star wars fanatic?

I am. I’ve always liked Star Wars ever since I was a child.

12. How did you come up with the idea of building a replica of the Millennium Falcon?The Millennium Falcon has always been my favorite Star Wars ship. I like the fact that represents the cool, rugged, bad-ass protagonist. I’ve always admired its design, and I think it’s iconic, so when my thoughts started playing, I decided to create a Millennium Falcon coffee table.
This work brings together my admiration for Star Wars, my hobby as a miniaturist, and my profession as a furniture designer.
I like classic passenger planes, the propeller ones most especially. I do have some favorites from the modern ones, but vintage ones like the DC3, the DC7, and the YS11 make up a good number in my collection.
14. And with dolls — what kind of dolls? Do you also prefer creating your own version of different action figures?I like plastic fashion dolls like Barbie. I recreate the look of the doll to replicate my favorite iconic female figures, real or fictional. I have created a lot of Maleficent pieces, and also Imelda Marcos dolls. One recent creation I did that became popular in my social media was Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach.

12509700_10153522643978143_2202202114482530538_n 12439000_10153570327613143_3914828992471069295_n
As of this time, my inspiration is on Egyptian Goddesses.
12669600_10153586142463143_8574187155232101631_n - Copy
To make a doll, I re-do the painting of the faces, the hairstyles, and try my best to replicate the clothes (which is tricky since I don’t sew).
Recently, I’ve been doing paper sculpting, creating 3-dimensional paper dolls.

15. How about Gundam, Optimus Prime? Any plans of building one?

I am not much of a robot fan when it comes to my art, but I’ve always wanted to dress up as Voltron for Halloween. Maybe this year. Hehehe!

16. Any advice to our readers? like how do you manage to balance work, business and hobby at the same time?

When they said “find a job that you love doing and you will never have to work a day in your life” and “sa negosyo, hawak mo ang sarili mong oras,” I took it seriously, and that is exactly the life I live now. It’s fun!

In my business, I do get to do a lot of different things and in different places- all in the creative zone. I love it!

It’s like work, play, and hobby combined. Earnings have been better also compared to when I was working in the corporate world. I can choose to take a vacation on a whim if I wanted to.

Maybe I just found my perfect spot. I think everybody has to find their perfect spot, because I always believed that life is not all about working to earn, pay the bills, and keeping dreams as just dreams.

I believe that the life journey is more exciting when we are set on the right path to those dreams, with no dead ends.

17. How do you see yourself 5 to 10 years from now?

Oh, there are so many things I wanna be and wanna do. One of my secret dreams is to be “the next Kenneth Cobonpue”, the designer I admire the most. With that, I’d love to have my own furniture showroom and my own name brand.

Another dream of mine is to partner with a renowned furniture manufacturer, creating fabulous and artistic novelty pieces.

 Rain Ramas

I also would like the see myself cultivating new skills and talents, and see my hobby works exhibited someday.

18. Given a chance you have all the materials that you need, what would be your dream creation?

A full scale mock-up aircraft cabin with functioning doors. I’d love to have that as my living room someday. I know it can be done. I just have to be ready to spend hahaha!

19. Lastly, how will you define art?

Art for me is a triad: the vision of imagination, the voice of the inspiration, and the skill of the hands. With all these three in harmony, only then will the manifestation be truly an artwork.

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