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This kit is one of my favorite mobile suits (MS). I have the Real Grade version and now the Master Grade version, though I do not have the original version, I like the fact that the Wings of Light effect part is part of the kit. I am really excited to build this place it with the rest of the collection.

I know it is an old kit. I am new to this kind of hobby. So yeah let’s get started!

Kit: MG 1/100 Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode
Series: Gundam Seed Destiny

The size comparison of the RG and MG box:

Out of the box
Opening the box…
Out of the box!
Out of the box!

Out Of the Box

Oh so colorful! I think i would color the pink effect with clear red.

What you can find:

  • Manual: the same picture with the box art
  • Runners: different variety of colors
  • Action base: not every kit has this
  • Decals: Clear stickers, foil stickers and water slide decals

That’s my real grade Destiny Gundam with wings of light effect part. Look how big the wings of light of the master grade version. Now I’m excited to build this thing, look at those wings!

destiny 1


Various positions…

Side of the head
Side of the head
head back
Back of the head
head front




Swiveling shoulder pegs
Swiveling shoulder pegs

Hips can bend to the left and right.

attached head to body
Attached head to the body. I like those red tears / scars below its eyes





Front of the arms
Front of the arms


Back and side of the arms
Back and side of the arms



Front and Back

wing unit1 wing unit2

Sides. Pardon my hand, I can’t make it stand on it’s own.

make it stand


Front and Side

legs front legs side


Look at the armor, it slides when you try to bend the legs. Bend it more and it exposes its frame.
Look at the armor, it slides when you try to bend the legs. Bend it more and it exposes its frame.





Front. Wings opened

backpack wings open

Back. Wings opened.

back wings closed


  • Beam Cannon
  • Sword
  • Beam Rifle
  • Shield
  • Beam Shield


Now to put them on the MS.

Gimmick for the shield.

gimmick for the shield1 gimmick for the shield2

Beam rifle can be held like that without any problems. It can be holstered at the back, attached to the skirt armor.

beam rifle1 beam rifle2

Beam shield effect on the MS. Beam cannon and sword can be folded so that it can be attached at the backpack.

beam shield effect1beam shield effect2

That’s how long the sword can be!


The beam cannon is used that way without detaching from the backpack!

beam cannon without backpack


No problem standing.


Even standing on one leg.

standing one leg

Arms can be rotated 360 degrees without the wings. Front legs can only extend up to that point because the front skirt armor is blocking its way.

ams rotated 360

legs extend to front

No problem extending the legs at the back. Kneeling is up to that point only.



Side by side with the real grade version.

side by side real grade




  • It has its own action base
  • Wings of light effect part included
  • Many effect parts (beam shield, blast beam from hand)
  • Tight parts, making it pose the way you like it
  • Chrome coated parts gives a distinct feature to the gundam frame


  • Might be expensive because of the additional parts
  • You will keep changing the hands so you can use the blast beam effects
  • Almost all weapons are hand dependent
  • Chrome coated parts have a lot of nub marks


  1. Fun level – 7/10
  2. Poseability – 9/10
  3. Price range – 8/10
  4. Overall score 8/10

I enjoyed building this kit mainly because of its “Wing of Light” effect part. Its unique scar eyes makes it look scary. Its wings are huge that can be closed and open, adding the wings of light effect part makes it stand-out more!

New MG builders, like myself, might stumble an old version of its waist part that I find it weird having a switch below. Even though the chrome coated parts are makes the kit noticeable, I left the nub marks on it (trying to sand it will detach the chrome and exposes the clear plastic). This mobile suit is hand dependent, you want to actually hold the large sword? Change the hand, want some blast beam effect? Change the hand, want to change the weapon? Change the hand. Basically you will do a lot of hand-changing with this kit and it will make the polycaps loose.

Overall this kit is good, it has a shelf presence on it, when wing is opened it towers all other kits and adding the wing of light makes it noticeable.


Destiny: Oh! Those guys! I have to say hi and present myself and feature them my chrome parts and wings!

comics 1

DM Exia: Hey guys, have you heard that there’s a newbie in town?

Red Exia: Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see him.

comics 2

Exia: Yeah me too!

Destiny eavesdropping…

Destiny: (I think they were referring to me. Yay!!! xD)

Destiny: Hi guys! What’s up? I’m the new guy! Want to see my…

DM Exia: Oh yeah! We heard about you!

Red Exia and Exia: Hi….

comics 3

DM Exia: Sorry but we are referring to this guy.

DM Exia: I think he will have a great time with us. What do you think guys?

comics 4

Destiny: T_T T_T T_T


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