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With so many road drama and hugot movies making its way up on charts, it is not a surprise that Ice Idanan’s Sakaling Hindi Makarating becomes the talk of the town. First time I saw the movie was on Indie Bravo’s Film Fest at Cinema 76. The positive (and inspiring) feedback from people who have first viewed the film caught not only my attention but my cousin’s as well. We entered with high hopes, and left the cinema convinced that SHM will be a hit.

This 1 hour and 30 minute indie film is about a 27-year-old heart broken Cielo who quits her job and moved in an apartment. With nothing to do but mend her broken heart, Cielo feels like her life is beginning to crumble. One day, she starts receiving hand-drawn postcards of different destinations in the Philippines from a person named M. She grows fond of the postcards while feeling a certain intimacy with the sender. She, then, decides to embark on an adventure to meet, who she believe is, her soulmate. To give you a short peek on what to expect, here are four things that you will love about Sakaling Hindi Makarating:

sakaling hindi makarating

  • Showcasing PH’s beauty. Yes. SHM is a road drama movie that gives people the idea that traveling alone can be as equally beautiful and adventurous as traveling with your group of friends, or with a special someone, or with a random stranger you met at the airport. It showcases some of the most scenic places of the Philippines giving viewers a glimpse of crazy little adventures one can have within the walls of the Pearl of the Orient Sea. For wanderlusts at heart, you will surely love the five different locations SHM spectacularly presented to us.
  • Miss Alessandra De Rossi. Plays Cielo in the movie, Miss Alex’s expertly portrayed a heartbroken woman. She was able to show and made the audience feel the mood of a woman in deep melancholy. She portrayed not just Alex, but Cielo as well. Still one of the best actresses we have right now. It is not only Miss Alex’s performance that we should note, but the whole casts as well.
  • Inspiring to love yourself. Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a story about lost love, and finding love in another form. SHM takes us back to the true essence of adventures. It tells us that not every process of moving on and letting go should involve someone else. SHM teaches us to value yourself, and should not settle for love you do not deserve. This is not just about traveling to places to find a lover. It is about you, and healing your heart. Cielo’s journey to discover and find love opened not only doors for thrill and excitement, but also a path that leads to a realization that the best love you should have is in the form of loving yourself.
  • The End. Endings are indeed the best part of every story. SHM gives us one of the best endings ever. Tip: Expect an unexpected bittersweet heartfelt ending. (Or am I spoiling too much?)

Join Cielo in her journey to look for love. Sakaling Hindi Makarating will hit cinemas starting February 1 nationwide.  Kudos to the whole cast, both in front and behind the camera, for a job well done! #MakakaratingDin

Photos by: Sakaling Hindi Makarating Facebook Page

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