Find the Difference

Since we all are living a hectic life that’s basically moving from point A to point B on a daily basis, it’s hard to find the time to dedicate to developing ourselves – both physically and mentally. Although for a physical exercise you need to find the time, keeping your mind sharp can be pretty easy. We decided to do some research on the classic find the difference games as they are a great way to keep your mind in shape. You can play them while commuting, going to school or simply taking a relaxing day off at your home.

Although you might think these games are for kids only, there are many find the difference games made for adults and we decided to review the top 3 games currently out there. So if you’re looking for a fun way to keep your mind sharp as a razor, these games can help you out.

What’s The Difference? – Hundreds of Images

Like any other game, when you start playing it is new and you don’t need much besides solid gameplay to keep going. But as you play, the game can become dull and that can especially happen with “find the difference games”. The moment you stumble upon the same image, you realize you’re running in circles and you need to find a new one. The reason we like this one is it has so many images. We’ve been playing the game for days and not once did we stumble upon the same image twice. If you’re looking for a more long-term game, this is definitely a great choice and as an extra plus, the images are in HD and are an absolute joy to observe as you’re looking for that slight difference.

The game has a specific level design usually composed of 10 levels. What can be a bit annoying is if you fail at level 27 for example, you’ll be taken back to the latest checkpoint which is usually a circled number. In this case, you’d go back to level 20. This can be annoying since you have to redo everything from the start. Luckily, the differences tend to change so although you’re looking at the same image, you still can enjoy the challenge since it’s slightly different.

1000 Photos Difference Game – Enjoy Music While Searching

Usually, spot the difference games are all about the visuals. So a great twist this one brings is it comes with fantastic music to accompany you as you play. We definitely recommend playing this one with headphones. The music creates this additional relaxing sensation that we found to be especially useful if you had a stressed day and you need an even more efficient way to wind off. As far as the game itself, it’s the usual find the difference game with pleasing images so the greatest strength of this one is the combination of visual and audio. If you don’t have any specific music you enjoy listening but you still want to have some slick audio in the background to distract you from the outside world, this is a great choice.

Although the music is perfect, we did find some images a bit weird, to say the least. The overall package is great, but some images do tend to be mildly suggestive and will make you wonder who was in charge of picking the photographs or maybe even taking them. But if that doesn’t bother you, you’ll find the game entertaining and just enough to help you keep your mind both in shape and relaxed.

Find the Difference Rooms – Spot it

This game we found extremely satisfying in terms of the challenge. The progression curve is well-balanced so each level is slightly harder than the previous allowing you to actually feel that you’re doing something instead of just randomly solving puzzles. The graphics have that “hidden-objects” kind of feel, so if you’re a fan of those, you are likely to love this one as well. Instead of real-life images, the game is characterized by beautiful and colorful digital artwork that adds to the challenge. The game also comes with a solid music background but you can always turn it off and listen to your own music as you’re going through levels. This one seems the most polished out of the three, but if you’re more of a fan of realistic images, you’ll be better off with one of the first two games.

If you get stuck, there’s a helpful hint option you can use to move forward. But a few times we noticed what we guess is a bug where the hint shows a difference we already found instead of locating an undiscovered one. This can feel a bit annoying since you just wasted a hint and didn’t get anything in return. Nevertheless, it happened only about two times over a couple of days of playing so it isn’t too big of a deal.


These are our top 3 picks but we were honestly surprised with how many other games are out there. We also found a helpful top 10 list of the top find the difference games for iOS and Android. We’d like to share the list in case you want to check out even more games you can play.

Top Find the Difference Games

But no matter which one you pick we think it will still help you have fun and preventing your brain from going lazy. It all comes down to the specifics you’re looking for. Do you want real photos or creative art? Do you want an easier game or a game that packs a serious punch? We hope our list helps you pick the right game for you and you’ll have as much fun as we did.