By Mary-Anne Lee |

Birds. Birds in games. People are tired of birds in games, yet New Delhi indie game studio Supersike Games has managed to breathe some new life into that old trope.

Yet Another Bird Game is this small Indian studio’s contribution to the deluge of Flappy Bird clones and Angry Birds spin offs, and it’s a pretty decent one. The arcade-style Yet Another Bird Game has up to six different birds flying to and from a series of power lines. While each bird has different characteristics, all of them serve the same purpose: guide them to pick up candies and eggs off the power lines.

Candies contribute to your overall score, while eggs are the game’s premium currency. It’s not as simple as frantically moving the birds around, though. Some of the birds – a few of which are inspired by popular culture – require you to egg them on (pun intended) in different ways to get their butts off the wires. Moving them around is important because these wires are powered by periodic electrical pulses. Three zaps, and you’re out!

The basic blue bird in the game needs nothing more than a swipe before it moves. The Spartan bird, however, needs you to do battle with it via taps before it’ll concede and move. The Scarecrow bird moves with a swipe as well, but land it next to any other bird – the wires support up to three birds per tier – and it’ll taze them. Ouch. There is also a bird inspired by Dr. Strangelove.

Power-ups and upgrades in Yet Another Bird Game are bought with eggs, which you earn bit by meager bit each game. Monetization here is unobtrusive, yet not quite compulsive enough for me to want to pay, even with the slow pace at which you earn currency. The speed (or lack thereof) at which you earn the eggs is likely deliberate, since apart from moving birds around, there’s little more to this arcade game. There is also an option to pay for all upgrades in one shot as well, if you want to make each playthrough worth its while.

While certainly not the most world-changing bird game for the mobile platform, Yet Another Bird Game is still a fun little arcade game that will entertain you during your morning commute. The good thing is that it’s a lot more accessible than Supersike’s previous offering, the drug-dealing-inspirated Go Kane, and that’s certainly going to net it more players.