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Dancing can be an exercise, a stress-reliever, or a way to express culture and beliefs. In fact, there are dances that pass from generations to generations and culture to culture such as chacha, boogie, samba, waltz and hip-hop.   In the big screen, there were several films that helped to pass the essence of dancing through displaying powerful choreographies and inspiring stories. Here are some examples of contemporary movies that featured motivational stories with touch of dancing.

Shall We Dance. Perhaps Richard Gere  showed some dance steps in his other films, but in “Shall We Dance” his character John Clark found out that dancing is a good way of refreshment for his routinely lifestyle.  In this film, John faced odds and prejudice due to his awkward decision to try dancing. But with the helped of his friends and instructor, played by Jennifer Lopez, he proved that dancing is also for a middle-aged man like him.

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Save The Last Dance. “Bourne” actress Julia Stiles did “Save the Last Dance” in her heyday as a teen star. This 2001 movie was about a girl who’d like to abandon her dream because of the disaster she believed a product of her selfishness.  This story is typical for recent teen movies, but arguably it’s the one that started it all. Furthermore, it’s also a pioneer among teen movies that featured the joy of combining hip-hop and ballet dancing, as well getting friends through dancing.  In 2006, Save the Last Dance had a direct-to-video sequel with Izabella Miko in the lead role.

Flashdance. Do you have day and night jobs in order to survive?  In “Flashdance,” Jennifer Beals played Alex Owens who’s a welder by day and a club dancer at night. But this 18-year old lady had other dream too and that’s to enroll in a prestigious dance school in Pittsburg.  Flashdance would tell audience that when you have talent and courage to show it, something or somebody will help you to get what you want. By the way, if it happens you just discover Irene Cara’s groovy song “What a Feeling,” yes this is where it became popular.