by Kyla Camille, |

I am not particularly a Star Wars fan.

I was born way after the first three main servings of the movie saga were shown. I probably watch the prequels with my Dad who is indeed a Star Wars fan — and a certified geek.

Don’t get me wrong. I have cousins within my generation (I’m a millennial) who are Star Wars fans. They watched the whole six movies — thanks to DVDs.

So, for a newbie like me who would want to be able to enjoy the movie by way of appreciating its past, in what order should I watch it?

According to my Dad, I should first watch the three original movies in their order of release. He warned me of the more dramatic tones with romantic interludes which were how people loved to watch those types of movies, together with the then-high-tech visuals and effects. After which, he said, I watch the prequels which are more action-packed and of course, are more driven by effects.

As a future movie and TV director, I would probably do what my Dad suggested.

In the meantime, here are insights from the guys at IGN. Cool  analysis for millennials and those belonging to Generation Y. Watch it:

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