Successful female entrepreneurs | Success Secrets from Female Entrepreneurs with $1 Billion Companies | Becoming a successful entrepreneur is extremely difficult. Successful female entrepreneurs are even harder to come by. 

The ladies that have become successful are nothing short from extraordinary. They were not afraid of the challenges; instead, they faced them head-on. They might have stumbled along the way, but don’t we all?

Having the determination to carry on even after a loss is extraordinary. While most people would give up in desperate times, successful entrepreneurs make it a point to struggle and keep the fire going.

Entrepreneurs need to be tough and be able to go through difficult times. Only then can they fulfill their dreams and become known as a success story. The road for entrepreneurs is long and tiring, but the destination much more rewarding.

Here are success secrets from female entrepreneurs with billion-dollar companies:

Dream big.

Successful entrepreneurs dream big; they need to. Without having a big dream, a desire to change the world, you won’t be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

Entrepreneurship is not an easy career path. Several obstacles must be overcome before one can become a success story. And even then, you need to stay on your toes. You must continuously evolve yourself to remain competitive and come out on top every single time.

Female entrepreneurs not only have to deal with all of these hurdles, but they also have to combat societal stigmas. In the west, these stigmas are gradually shrinking. But in underdeveloped countries and areas around the world, there is still much work to be done.

A successful entrepreneur is not someone who dreams alone. Business leaders and executives need to realize that the business is run by a team. While personal growth is essential, it is also necessary to make sure that the people surrounding you have the freedom to dream big as well.

Two minds are better than one. Co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway, Jennifer Hyman, says that a great boss makes their team dream big and amplifies their ideas. The boss also has to provide opportunities for their team to flourish and grow. 

During your entrepreneurial journey, you will come across all kinds of people who would belittle your dream or say that your dreams are too big. Don’t listen to these people. Keep focusing on what you are doing and work hard. In due time, everyone will see the results of your labor.

Pick the right partners.

Entrepreneurship is a long journey, especially if you are in for the long run. If you have a burning desire to start and run a business, this point is one of the most important things for you to consider.

Picking the right partners is always going to be a risky game. You can try to mitigate the risks when opting for a partner, but you can’t completely get rid of the risk.

Having the right business partners besides you will make your job a lot easier. As a female entrepreneur, you have to, at some level, accept the fact that you’re potentially going to face more obstacles than your male counterparts. Knowing that you can rely on your partners to stand with, you will be a real blessing.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is starting a business for the first time, it can be assumed that you probably don’t have much experience with having partners. While the advantages of having the right partners are many, there are some disadvantages as well.

A great relationship with your partner(s) is essential if you want to become successful. You need to be able to gel well with your partner. A good personal understanding will help you through tough times and tribulations.

The founder of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan, also thinks that finding the right partners and investors for your business is essential for your entrepreneurial success.

Partnerships can be a tricky subject for an entrepreneur. Some say that you don’t need a partner to succeed, while other successful entrepreneurs believe that collaborations are essential for stable but quick growth.

Before you make a decision, you should think about it carefully. You don’t want to have significant disagreements with your partners down the line. It is best to think about how you will deal with your partners before you start a business together.

Hire great people.

Hiring is probably one of the most complex tasks for nascent entrepreneurs. Even some veteran entrepreneurs think that hiring the right person for the job is a difficult task.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have any prior experience of running a business or being a stakeholder in any business. So they have to learn a lot of things through their experiences and learning from mistakes.

Finding the right people for your business or startup and managing them is a difficult task. That’s why big businesses have equally large HR departments.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably going to struggle with having sufficient resources, especially in the early days of your career. You’ll have to assume the responsibilities of HR as well. 

One of the first things you should look at when hiring someone is if they would be a good fit for your organization. Other things to look into a candidate are their current skill levels, learning temperament, etc. etc.  

Adi Tatarko, co-founder and CEO of Houzz, says that when someone is not a good fit, it’s better to let go sooner than later. 

This is great advice. Businesses should think long and hard before hiring someone so that there are minimal chances of having to fire them. But when an employee becomes a liability and obstacle, instead of an asset, you should know that it’s time to let them go.

Also, it is important to note that entrepreneurs and leaders can train your existing employees. Training an employee that is a good cultural fit for your organization is going to be far easier and cost-effective than hiring someone who is not the best fit for your business.

You should always find people who have a good work ethic and are actually interested in your business and your ideals. 

One last thing that you should remember about employee management is that if an employee is no longer an asset for your organization, that doesn’t mean that you should fire them. Find out the root cause behind their downfall and make an effort to improve your employee’s performance and workplace happiness.

But even after your best efforts, if you feel that things can’t be improved, it is best to let them go. It will be much more beneficial for you as well as your employees.

Persistence is key.

To be super successful female entrepreneurs, you’re going to have to be extremely persistent.

As discussed earlier, entrepreneurship is not an easy career path. There will come a lot of times when you think that you have reached your limit, but in those times, you have to push yourself and dig deep inside.

Entrepreneurs need to be persistent. Entrepreneurs will hear a lot of no and face rejection time and time again before they can expect to make a breakthrough. Female entrepreneurs especially need to develop thick skin. Things are going to be difficult for them, and they need to be ready for it.

Getting customers and clients is also going to be a challenge when you are starting out. You want to take care of your customers, and having a free live chat app for websites will help you in this effort of yours. Your customers come first and foremost, and you need to look after them wholeheartedly. 

Female entrepreneurs have to be even more persistent and fearless than their male counterparts. They need to stand firm in front of the obstacles and face them head-on. Stepping away from a challenge might keep you away from becoming successful.

Challenging yourself constantly and making sure that your business evolves with you is one of the keys to success.

Canva is a graphic design made an easy tool that is adored by millions. Melanie Perkins, co-founder, and CEO of Canva is also of the opinion that persistence will lead you to success.

If you come up with a proper strategy, work hard, stay flexible, then you are ultimately going to succeed. Yes, the road may be long, but by being persistent in your efforts, you are making sure to reach your destination.


There is still a pretty big gap between the number of male and successful female entrepreneurs. But thankfully, there are several role models for women wanting to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

These incredible women have started and run businesses that have become true success stories. Successful female entrepreneurs also had to go through several trials, failures, and hurdles before they reached success. 

Entrepreneurs need to have several qualities that differentiate them from other people. They need to be able to see things in a way that other people can’t see. 

The path to success is certainly not an easy one, but it is very gratifying. Women and even men should be inspired by these extraordinary individuals and start their own journeys; they just might make it.

Hamzah Adil is digital marketer who enjoys writing about business and entrepreneurship. He is currently working for a startup that has developed a new live chat app called SwiftChat. Live chat apps and softwares help businesses out by providing instant customer support functions to their audience.