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Legend of the Five Rings, or L5R, is the premiere interactive Collectible Card Game from Alderac Entertainment Group. Set in the mythical land of Rokugan, inspired by feudal Asia, it puts you in the role of a prominent samurai of one of the nine Great Clans, serving your family and the Emperor in order to bring glory to the Emerald Empire. Unlike many collectible card games, L5R offers multiple victory conditions that all fit perfectly with the world it is set in. Attaining victory can be done through military supremacy (Military), but also through political clout – be it acting beyond reproach (Honor) or discrediting your opponents (Dishonor) – or spiritual dominance (Enlightenment). In order to do so, you will need to recruit troops, use timely resources and protect your lands against your opponents. The ultimate recognition will be the blessing of the Emperor as his most trusted vassal.

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In Rokugan, battlefields are everywhere. While you can use samurai (warriors), shugenja (priests) and monks to hamper the military goals of the other Clans, you can also achieve greatness by the clever use of courtiers (politicians). After all, alliances and reputations are forged and easily destroyed at the Imperial Court, where the political masterminds of the Empire interact with one another. But beware, for while the Great Clans fight one another, evil roams outside of Rokugan. The Shadowlands and its infernal creatures only seek to rampage through the Empire and against those monstrosities, Honor will be your best weapon. For over 15 years, players have shaped the Emerald Empire of Rokugan through their achievements (both individual and collective). They have turned simple characters into legends (and even into Emperors), defeated terrible foes and unveiled dreadful conspiracies thanks to their involvement in the game, forever altering the destiny of Rokugan and its characters in the process. Legend of the Five Rings: Emperor Edition Poster All those events have led to a rich development of a world players have had a great hand into, supported by weekly fictions and a line of Role-Playing books (since 1997) entering its Fourth Edition.