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Comic books have been one of the most integral part of growing up for a number of generations. A comic book is also known as comic magazine or simply  comics. Comic art is a form of sequential panels juxtaposed and represents individual scenes. Most of these panels are often accompanied by prose or dialogues in balloons, together forming stories. There is a variety of comic books, some of which are about great men and their lives in comic panels, or about super heroes, and some even about pure fun from different walks of life. Many movies based on comic book heroes have been among the highest box- office earners. Here is a list of the most expensive comic books in the world. 

3. Superman  #1












This is also one of the most sought after comic book, as it is merely a reprint of Superman’s first four strips. The story introduces Clark Kent and his foster family, as well as the origin and super-heroism of Superman. It also introduces a number of other characters, and is the first solo appearance of the superhero.  Originally priced at ten cents, this comic book no has a price tag of $715,000 USD.

2. Detective #27

Released in 1939, this comic book was priced at 10 cents. This is the debut of another superhero who is also a favourite among super hero lovers. This comic book recently sold for a price of $2.57 Million USD. The book is the debut of Batman aka Bruce Wayne. Robin appears much later and batman is one of the most popular movie franchisee around the world.

1.  Action Comics #1

The #1 from Atomic Comics is considered to be the first true superhero comic book. It was published in 1938 and sold for 10 cents. The book is the most valuable comic book in the world, as it was the debut of the superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The debut was of none other than Superman, and the edition is considered as the beginning of the superhero genre of comic book. The #1 was sold for an eye popping $2.16 million USD.


Many original comic books are worth a large sum of money however the  most costly are the first adventures of the super heroes, or their launch editions. Most super heroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, are among the favourites, but Tintin, Asterix and Obelisk, are also in high demand. Even the more recent heroes like the Fantastic Four, Captain Planet are also  highly priced. The #1 comic book of Flash Gordon has been in talks to fetch a whopping $5 million USD, but is yet to be sold. With that being said, the day is not far when we can read about a new comic book being sold for an astronomical price.