The 5 Best Free Screen Recording Software for PC
Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels

The 5 Best Free Screen Recording Software for PC | Do you want to show someone what’s happening on your screen? It is not at all impossible to illustrate your manipulations using video capture. But how to do it? The only option is to use video capture software that you can find on the internet. Thus, thanks to the video that you are going to make, it will be much easier to explain to your correspondent what is happening on your computer screen.

The advantages of video screenshot software

With video capture software, it’s easier to record whatever is flowing through your computer screen. What are the real uses of these video recording programs? Obviously, its main use is the video recording of your screen. Of course, explaining a process through a video is very effective. To make video tutorials, just capture your actions live. Thus, you can easily train someone thanks to this very explicit support. However, you can sometimes enjoy other selections. Indeed, the capacity of your software generally depends on its specificities. Most allow you to emit voiceovers during capture that will be integrated into your wiring. 

Free or paid applications: what are the differences?

To video stream your actions on your PC screen, you can download software that matches your computer, whether it is Windows, Linux, or Mac. Most screen recording software is paid. Moreover, the first applications that appeared on the networks were not at all affordable.

Moreover, expensive video recorders always have a surplus that differs from those free of charge, especially since the capacity of non-paid software is often limited. However, some free software has been created to meet the needs of Internet users. Be sure! There is no need to worry because most of these free software, especially those that have been released recently, provide almost the same results as those with extra charge. 

The 5 best free video capture software 2021

First of all, one of the free applications and the best is the OBS Studio, which is considered the most complete of all screen recording software. Apart from video captures, streaming live on YouTube or Facebook is also possible with its program. Specifically, direct streaming is possible with your PC’s microphone and webcam. In addition, there are many options that you can enjoy with OBS Studio, including live screen sharing, audio mixer, video game recording, etc.

Ezvid is a very sophisticated free software that is used to record your screen. An editor is built into the camera to help you make a slideshow by joining two videos by text. You can also share your clips and upload them to YouTube with the Ezvid program. Sound effects can also be inserted into the video during capture.

One of the free web-based screen capture programs, RecordCast can meet all your expectations. This full-screen video capture capability allows you to easily record on-screen activities and capture anything on the screen, including windows, menus, or full screen. RecordCast screen recorder is easy to handle and allows you to make clips using the video editing option. In addition, it has a rich library of step-by-step tutorials and a blog very rich in content with interesting ideas for those who want to create video courses or simple tutorials.

Screencastify is another free screen recording program but has some limitations. The free version can record video for up to 5 minutes and be saved as a video file. But it will allow you to capture a browser tab, the whole screen, or just your webcam; record even if you don’t have the connection. Thanks to a few but effective mouse annotation and highlighting tools, it will help you create videos that keep your audience’s attention high.

Finally, there is a software called TinyTake, which is an application to convert what is happening on your screen to video. Using this software, you can record up to 120 minutes. It also comes with an annotation tool to edit videos and add text. This software can be used on Windows but also Mac OS X.

Did the free screen recording programs mentioned above fully convince you? Do you know other and better alternatives? I would love to hear what you think, so leave a comment!