PUBG PCS APAC 2021 Road Map   | THE ROAD TO PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES 4: PUBG CHALLENGER RUMBLE! | 29 March 2021, 7PM GMT+8 – Professional teams across the Asia Pacific region are gearing up for the return of PUBG Continental Series APAC. With 5 Thai teams, 5 Vietnamese teams, 2 Oceanic teams and 4 of top teams from the PUBG Challenger Rumble which make up teams from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore will battle for their slot to PCS4 APAC. 

The PUBG Challenger Rumble will mark the return of teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines competing together to secure their spot in PUBG Continental Series 4 During the PUBG Challenger Rumble local qualifiers, the top teams each qualifier will face each other to secure the 4 slots in the PUBG Continental Series 4 where they will meet many more adversaries in the APAC region. 

This year, the PUBG Challenger Rumble, organised by Geek Events, will feature exclusively invited teams which are the professional esports teams, Victim Rise, From The Future and Eagle 365 Esports (formerly known as Eagle Sentinel Shooter) from Indonesia and ArkAngel Predator, Bahamut Gaming and Sedna Esports from the Philippines. These teams are included due to their outstanding performance in the 2020 PUBG Continental Series Local Qualifiers. These 6 teams will take their place in the PUBG Challenger Rumble Main Event and will be joined by the 5 teams from the Indonesian Qualifier, 3 teams from the Philippines Qualifier, and 2 teams from the Malaysia & Singapore Qualifier.

PUBG Challenger Rumble 2021 Invited Teams 

Registration for the PUBG Challenger Rumble Country Qualifiers will open on the 31st March to 13th April 2021. Teams can register online here. 

Registration closes on 13th April 2021

The tournament will officially be broadcasted through the following event partners: 

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