These Cute Oldies Yell Misconceptions about Diesel Cars for Volkswagen

by Jeff Beer | via FastoCreate |

There’s just something about senior citizens who don’t go gently into that good old age, but instead hang on to a hearty amount of youthful attitude. From Sophia Petrillo to Fred Sanford, the Dowager Countess to Sh*t My Dad Says, people love it.

Volkswagen now taps into that elder comic goldmine with a new campaign, by agency Deutsch LA, for its Passat TDI diesel car with “Old Wives Tales,” starring three hilariously yappy sisters driving around aimlessly and trash talking. The ladies first caught the Internet’s attention back in 2012 when they watched the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and have parlayed that into this gig outlining the variety of misconceptions around diesel cars.