Dr. Strange

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2016 has been a year for superhero movies starting with Batman vs. Superman up to the famous Suicide Squad. Together with Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios has done, yet again, another superhero movie for everyone. Bringing heroism and magic to your home, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) presents us Dr. Strange.

World’s top neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange gets involved in a car accident that crushes his hands as well as his career. He then embarks on a journey of healing only to discover and be drawn to the world of mystic art. In Kamar-Taj, the Ancient One showed him things he never knew existed, and has slowly embraced the spiritual world only to find that what he was doing was not just an overall healing but just a front line of battle against the darker forces of the universe. Now, he is left with two choices: leave and go back to his old life, or face the forces that is bound to destroy the world.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is not your everyday hero. While there are people chosen to protect the physical world, he is there to protect all mankind from the dangers of the spiritual world. If that is not exciting enough for you to love, here are three more things you will enjoy in 2016 Dr. Strange!

  • Witty exchange of lines. If you have watched closely to the movie, then you would not miss the catchy lines of the characters. One thing that you would really love with Dr. Strange is the script itself that is designed to match the 20th century. That means they see to it that no matter what generation you are in, you will surely understand what they mean – except, of course, for the chants and spells that they conjure.
  • Character interpretations. Major character transformations had been made from the comics to the movie. While some were disappointed with massive character changes, others felt like it is just appropriate. Believe me, every tweak they made with the characters were all worth it. A few character changes that have been made is with the Ancient One, Dr. Palmer, Wong, and more . We know that actress Tilda Swinton portrayed the role of the Ancient One in the movie. This has raged the fans because (just so you’ll know) in the comic version, the Ancient One is a Tibetan man who will introduced Dr. Strange his supreme capability to master the mystic arts. Another character that was changed in the movie was played by Rachel Adams which is Dr. Palmer, Dr. Strange’s love interest. Fans have hoped that Rachel might be the one to play the role of Clea, a sorceress and heir of the Dark Dimension, but instead she played a human doctor that – according to producers and writers – kept Dr. Strange’s firm grip to reality. There are more exciting changes that characters have undergone in this movie. Audiences, viewers, and fans are ensured that they will surely enjoy the alterations the team made.

Dr. Strange

  • CG! If you have watched it, you will agree on this. One of the best things you will truly love (and be amazed with) is the spectacular and mind-blowing computer graphics. Expect a lot of great CGs that would make Inception look like a piece of cake. The movie’s computer graphics are all well-done and all visually pleasant that vortexes and parallel planes looked real. This movie will literally bend reality for you and it’s viewers. Our advice? Enjoy the movie and let it bring you to a surreal world where conjuring spells, throwing thunderbolt at each other, and journeying to the world of mystic arts can be possible. Besides, it isn’t everyday that you see a grown up man casts spells right?

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