Top 10 Reasons Filipino Artisans Will Love Pililokal

Top 10 Reasons Filipino Artisans Will Love Pililokal | In our previous review we talked about the power and opportunity that Pililokal brings to the Filipino artisans.

In this review we’ll be discussing what really makes Pililokal great, so without any further-adieu, here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Filipino Artisans Will Love Pililokal.

#1 Dedicated To The Service Of The Filipino’s

Pililokal was made exactly for Filipino Artisans, while on other marketplaces you have more options and variety, what differentiates Pililokal from the rest is that it’s a marketplace that’s filled with world-class Filipino artisan products.

#2  World Class Artisan Products

When it comes to the world of artisan products, Pililokal is your one-stop marketplace where you can find dozens upon hundreds of world-class quality artisan products.

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#3 Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Pililokal is just at the beginning stage of growth with the world-class system and products, as the years pass by your number of sales growth will explode as you keep having repeat buyers.

#4 Buyers At Your Fingertips

Since Pililokal has world-class quality products listed on its platform, sooner or later more Filipinos will catch on, and you will experience the greatest product conversion experience of your life.

#5 Endless Artisan Options

If you’re a buyer like me, you would want the best products at the best prices and the biggest value for your buck, look no further for Pililokal has it all for you.

#6 Unlimited Earning Potential

Yes, you heard it first hand, as we discussed in our previous article that this is the next big platform since the rise of Amazon, so it’s best to hop on now while the competition is still low.

#7 Eliminate The Market Competition

With its world-class delivery system, and products to die for, you as a seller will gain an advantage over all the artisan sellers out there, not only does pili position you at the top, it also eliminates your competition.

#8 Artisan Product Market Fit

With other platforms having too much competition, too many varieties and products to choose from, Artisan buyers nowadays are more confused than ever before, yet with Pililokal Marketplace, it’s only dedicated for artisan products meaning, you get the perfect customer for you.

#9 A Class Of Your Own

By having listed you artisan products to Pililocal’s Marketplace, you will be positioned as a class of your own, meaning that your artisan brand perception value will skyrocket, as they say in movies, skies the limit.

#10 Control Over Everything

There are a lot of ways to sell your artisan products online, as stated on our previous article, but usually those alternatives don’t give you control that you need, but with Pililokal you have the power to control what you do, and how you market your artisan products, it’s your products, you worked hard for it so why not have the control over it?

About Pili Lokal Marketplace

Pilí’s expertise lies in launching the local marketplace for authentic and handcrafted goods. This e-commerce platform is the home of local sellers to maximize their businesses in the community.

Pili presents three main problems:

• What are Filipino products?

• Who are the Filipino artisans/makers?

• Where do they sell?

Pili Lokal aims to solve these issues by establishing a website platform where consumers can:

• Know what Filipino products are

• Identify Filipino merchants

• Access a community of buyers and Filipino sellers

Want to support local businesses but don’t know how to? Well, get your shopping thumbs ready for PILI will soon launch its website with offers from unique local stores. This is your time to give back to your community and help Filipino entrepreneurs!

For interested merchants, simply send your queries to or contact us at +63998 902 2096.