Top 7 Kickass Torrent Alternatives In 2021 | Top 7 Kickass Torrent Alternatives In 2021 | Kickass used to be the most popular torrent site on the planet. What made it so fascinating was the quality content it had; I liked the user interface.

In the real world, a ‘torrent’ could mean a lot of things. But in the tech world, a torrent means a file on a computer that holds metadata of various information. Torrent files usually come with a .torrent extension, but it certainly does not reveal the content that it holds. 

The metadata that a torrent file holds is then used by torrenting softwares like BitTorrent and Utorrent for distributing the data to the computer. In simple words, torrents are data sharing files that are exchanged from one source to another.  

What Is Kickass Torrent?

Being a techie, if you do not know what kickass means, then I am sure you must be living under a rock, but still, that would be a hard pill to swallow. Kickass used to be the most popular torrent site on the planet. 

What made it so fascinating was the amount of quality content it had. What I liked about kickass was the user interface. Different sections were segregated in their respective areas. 

It had columns solely dedicated to movies, games, and TV shows. However, it does not work anymore. The reason for the ban was pretty apparent; it was a torrent site that was promoting piracy to a whole new level. 

People could watch movies from their homes’ comfort instead of going to the theaters and paying for the tickets. And that was something no movie maker would want.    

Top 7 Kickass Torrent Alternatives In 2021

Even though the site has been down for quite some years now, people still keep searching about its alternatives on Google. In this article, I will tell you about some classic alternatives to kickass alternatives like 0123putlockers, which you will use in 2021.

#1 The Pirate Bay 

If there’s any torrent website that is even half as famous as Kickass, it has to be The Pirate Bay torrent site. The Pirate Bay barely needs any introduction. It is prevalent as it has tons of content ranging from movies to TV shows, from games to all sorts of apps and softwares that you can think of. It can be an excellent kickass alternative as the user interface is just as good as kickass, if not better. This site provides an average download speed of 3.2 MBps. Do note that The Pirate Bay does not let you download the torrent file. Instead, it lets you click on the magnet link, which automatically opens the Torrent application. 

#2 1337x

1337x is considered to be a sister site of 0123putlockers. It features a graphical user interface. I like the 1337x because it comes with the Top 100 section, which shows the top 100 trendy torrents that users are downloading. The top 100 section keeps on changing, and new content is updated every alternate week. It has got a massive collection of android .apk files, that is why android users highly praise it.  

#3 Torrentz2

Torrentz is not precisely a torrent site but rather a torrent meta-search engine. It gathers all the information about torrent sites and serves you on a single platform. A few years ago, it went down, but now it’s active once again. This torrent site can be helpful to a lot of newbies who have recently started downloading torrents. Torrentz2 has an adult filter option, and a verified/not verified option.    


This Kickass alternative is one of its kind. It’s pretty usual for torrent sites to get banned by the government and law enforcement. But over time, the developers of the torrent sites have found ways to come up with mirror servers or different names., formerly known as NYAA, had faced a similar issue. This torrent site has garnered praise from users worldwide mainly because of the anime content this site possesses.  

#5 LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is well known in the community of torrent users. As the name suggests, the lime torrent has a lime-colored background. It can be considered as an alternative to Kickass torrent site. The immensely massive catalog gets updated every day. Torrents in LimeTorrents are specially categorized in their respective genres. This popular alternative to kickass provides an average download speed of 2.5MBps. It can be disabled in some countries; you would need a VPN to access this site.   

#6 Zooqle

If you are a regular user, you probably know about this site by now. It is relatively a new torrent site and offers a lot. The user interface of Zooqle is pretty clean and basic, which helps a lot of new torrent users easy access. 

It offers an advanced search option where you can check the file size, indexing time, and the torrent category, which includes movies, Hollywood TV shows, apps, anime, and new PC games. The Homepage of this app consists of the most seeded torrents.


The original version of got banned a few years ago; its mirror site is doing just fine in keeping torrent users happy. This legendary website has some of the best user interfaces. It could serve as an excellent alternative to kickass.


Even since the most popular torrent site kickass went down, our fellow torrent users have been anxious. Little do they know that are several other torrent alternatives that are far better than kickass. Just check out the alternatives that I have provided. You will be surprised to know that such highly organized torrent sites exist.  

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