design trends

Every year new graphic design trend emerges. As the last year’s trend pave its way for the current year’s trend, 2018 is a year of altering the past, diverging from flat design landscape of recent years. Though the minimalism and simplification is there but some old favourites will make their comeback being revamped and with a transformation adapting the modern culture and the answering the current market demands.

So, with some research we came up with a list of Few Design trends of 2018, feel free to wow your customer with these creative and trendy design styles-

  • Gradients –

The vibrant colours that is reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s are gaining popularity with each passing years. Back in the days when they were found everywhere starting from website button to PowerPoint presentation, the task and the corporate PDF considered to be incomplete without the presence of gradients. Then came the era of flat design in 2007 and this was side tracked.

Well as the flat design trend is evolving and gradients are making a comeback with modifications. The modified version is a part of a design that is referred as “flat 2.0” or “semi flat design” they have been accepted by the top rated industries like Stripe & Instagram which added a star in their popularity chart.  And it can be seen in the form of vibrant UI, branding, backgrounds, illustrations and overlays. The increase of the term colour transition can also be witnessed when we refer to gradients. It often refers to the modern application that fits the flat design aesthetics and is vibrant, smooth and flatter.

  • Responsive Logos or Contextual Logo –

From the past few years’ Responsive design is being revolutionized and have raised the industry standards as well. Due to the rapid assortment of devices and screen sizes and mobile browsing the usability issue for traditional media is being critical. And then the designers and the developers came up with a one website fits in all solution, i.e. responsive design. The idea of revamping the logos to fit the same user demand is being gladly accepted by the industry and many companies started making logos that are not just aesthetically pleasing designs but also have a deep understanding of different contexts and is fit for Posters, Buisness card, Signs, installations, advertisement & packaging. Joe Harrison who is a digital and interaction designer has created an experimental project called “Responsive Logo” for some of the biggest global brands.

  • Letter Stacking-

The idea behind this logo trend is to put words on top of each other making the long phrases easier to perceive. It gained popularity in around 2016- 17, and it seems like the wave of popularity will continue this year as well, as it is widely being adapted by the designers. This designs are elegant and works well with contrasting colours and excels in achieving originality and thus is efficient enough to grab attention of the potential customers.

  • Grid- based Logos-

This trend can never be out of date or never can completely fade out only the popularity graph do witness few ups and down due to the change in demand of the hour. Grids is considered to be the backbone of the design. The fundamental theory on this subject has been laid out in 1981. Grids possess the power to depict Logic, Theory and Perfection in the design. This year the Grid has appeared in all new interesting ways.

  • Architectural inspiration-

Well, making a logo design out off an architectural design is nothing new, it’s an old process but with some modern twist. The presence of physical space has always been an important part in the process of creating a brand identity. As the digitization is taking over the world, the designers are inclined towards capturing the look and essence of architectural landmark but also manifest the concept behind the physical representation of the visual interpretations.

  • Typography with monogram-

Classic designs always holds a special place. We are experiencing a comeback of simple, well-crafted typefaces paired with monograms. Designers are polishing their skills with the help of classic typefaces from the past that includes giving detailed attention to the basic parameters of the logo typography: typeface choice, kerning and letter spacing.

  • Fundamental Geometric Shapes –

Typography isn’t the only trend that is getting simplified these days. The shapes and the designs of logo is experiencing an increase in terms of using geometry while crafting them. Branding, versatility, easy readability and quick impact are the few advantages of this style. The Logo of the Ogeborg Company which was crafted by Kurppa Hosk is one such fine example of the same. Customers can easily understand that Ogeborg is a company that deals with interior designs just by checking out their Logo.

  • Fun ! ( Creating and energy and positive vibe)-

Well, Fun has always been a key element in a Logo design, but the current state of economic uncertainty and negativity that is being spread across the globe is inspiring peoples and designers to restrain the situation with fun designs that are vibrant, lively and are full of positivity. This designs include bright colours, cute funny characters and a good vibe, which is taking the year 2018 in storm.

  • Metaphor trend to its extreme-

The term metaphor is not new to logo design, but the increase in the level of curiosity and exploring habits in the design community has made them to become a focal point of deep creative exploration. This year we can witness the designers pushing the metaphors to their extreme. With thoughtful and creative concepts that can give more depth to a Logo design.

Along with SEO and Digital marketing process try using these popular design trends, it certainly will help you to gain popularity and to bag some potential customers as well. No matter whether you are a designer or a company owner these information’s will surely help you in some way or the other.