by Kyla Camille, |

If you are looking for your daily dose of laughter, I bet these people will keep you posted with new real life funny situations and a bunch of punch lines.

1. Jamie’s World
Facebook likes: 10 million

Hop in for a lot of awkward, adorable, and funny videos of Jamie. She captures everyday situations that you will probably be able to relate to!

2. Piques
Facebook likes: 5.4 million

John Paul Piques has so many ways to make you laugh and relate with the help of his friends!


3. Mr. Cian Twomey
Facebook likes: 3.7 million

Meet his very normal, not-psycho-at-all-girlfriend, Emily. You’re in for all the girlfriend jokes!

4. Chris Crocker
Facebook likes: 2.2 million

Funny as he is, he also struts with glamorous words of wisdom that would slap the reality out of you. If you need some real talk mixed with laughter in social media, check out his page!

5. Gabriel Conte
Facebook likes: 1.5 million

You’ll want more of Gabriel’s funny and creative videos that are full of life and laughter!

6. Thomas Sanders
Facebook likes: 1.3 million

Have you heard of the guy who narrates people’s stories in public? Yep, that’s Thomas Sanders. Go ahead and check out his dose of laughter.

7. Bretman Rocks
Facebook likes: 359.4 thousand

There’s this diva circulating in Facebook who teaches you how to put make up on by sprinkling his words with witty jokes.

8. Eh Bee Family
Facebook likes: 24.6 thousand

Who doesn’t find a family that vines together as adorable? Follow the countless family jokes that you can relate to with this amusing household!

Now, what are you waiting for? Laugh lines that run across your face are the best!