Gogagah | Top Gaming Payments Provider Epaygames has set up a website: Open to new ventures | Your real-time payment partner for games, entertainment, and social networks.

Eplayment has been on a mission to keep empowering digital entertainment by making it easy for people to use fintech solutions since it started. Eplayment wants to make gaming and entertainment and the ever-changing world of virtual money accessible to everyone with its tools and service, so it works on making Epaygames one of its main businesses.

The company began its journey by making video games and esports content to show that it was a part of the industry. They saw for themselves how difficult it is to have creative freedom and make money as a creator. They looked into the business modes of many providers, too, such as skin.club. The group of farm skins includes the rare and expensive Ultraviolet skin. With a new drive to solve the structural problem, Eplayment decided to go into the world of fintech, which is a new field. There was a payment gateway called Epaygames that was made because of this.

Payment processing started in 2019. Epaygames was the first to offer a payment service for esports events, and they did this in 2019. Back when people had to pay to join a game in order to play, Epaygames was used as a payment aggregator for well-known Esports game platforms like Mogul. If you’ve used this company for more than two years, you’ve paid more than two billion dollars to other people, mostly in the gaming industry.

Epaygames, a website that allows people to pay for games, entertainment, and other social platforms, has just been made available to the public. With more than 4,000 locations in the Philippines, Epaygames makes sure that transactions happen right away.

Customers can expect quick, easy, and safe transactions in the gateway. Clients will get top-notch service with 99 percent uptime. Epaygames promises to be a great payment gateway for the gaming, social, and entertainment industries, and they want to be the best. With the help of its partner channels, you can make and get money without any problems. Epaygames is all about how quickly and efficiently it can process payments for its clients.

This year, Epaygames wants to help creators who make different kinds of content and have different kinds of fans get paid. As one of its beta features, the Creator Gift will be made available to Eplayment’s pool of creators and communities. This is the first step in supporting the creator economy, and it will be made available to Eplayment’s creators and communities. Creators will be able to get money and gifts from their fans through a single stream wallet. The money and gifts will be deposited into their Eplayment account.

Eplayment is moving forward with its goal of bringing the full power of fintech and entertainment together with the help of Epaygames and the Eplayment Wallet.

About Epaygames

Epaygames is a payment gateway service that enables gaming, entertainment, and social platforms to easily process payments across major channels, e-wallets, and payment touchpoints nationwide. To know more about Eplayment’s latest services, visit Eplayment’s website at www.epaygames.com or Eplayment’s official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.