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Everything about travel is fun except perhaps in packing.  It is possibly the craziest thing to do before and after travel for newbies, even veteran tourists, because it entails long hours of decision-making.  In fact, your luggage may also cause problems during your trip like if you forget something essential or you bring too many. On the other hand, over baggage will make you experience extra charges and the pain of carrying stuff you don’t actually use in your entire trip. So what’s with packing light that most experienced travelers follow?

  1. Analyze what you’re going to do during your entire travel.  Is it business trip or purely outdoor adventure? It helps to make a list of your itinerary and the activities to customize the things that are part of your luggage.  Why bring boots if you’re going to climb a mountain? Are you going to shoot videos or many photos that you need extra batteries and memory cards?
  2. Bring clothes that’s quick dry and wrinkle-resistant.  Since you’re going to stay in a hotel or place where you can hang your clothes, you may consider to do laundry instead of bringing many outfits. According to, normally three pair of clothes (socks, underwear, and shirts) will do so you can wear the other one, wash and dry the other two pairs. But of course, for those who have everyday meeting with clients should bring different suits or try mix and match fashion style.
  3. Credit: Lizzie Guilbert/
    Credit: Lizzie Guilbert/

    Invest in a right travel bag. Some travelers choose a bag that’s expandable so it’s flexible in case you need more space and at the same time, easy to place in safety corners.  On the other hand, Forbes also recommended no-interior compartments duffel bag on wheels for flexible travel experience.

  4. Choose those that have double purposes and foldable.  Multipurpose things will give more room for your bag so consider reliable universal charger and heavy duty power banks in your list. On the other hand, learning how to fold, roll and bundle-wrapping your clothes is also advisable.