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They say that in the world of magic and sorcery, trolls are one of the things that you should be avoiding. They are mean, nasty, ugly, and smelly. But DreamWorks animations have pictured them in a nicer way.

This 2016, Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox bring you a wonderful journey to a world filled with happiness, singing, dancing and hugging all day long. Made after a popular doll with the same name, Trolls has garnered a lot of likes, positive reviews, and high approval rates around the globe. After so many changes that have been made for the movie – starting with movie date releases to the actors and actresses who will voice the characters, the animated film has successfully topped charts, grossed big, and was released in six thousand plus theaters worldwide.


The film is about Poppy (the happiest troll ever born), and Branch (the uber-cautious, grey, grumpy glum troll) saving her friends from being eaten by troll-like creatures called the Bergens. Their rescue operation then turns into making a scullery maid named Bridget and Bergen prince  a Cinderella like love story with matching upbeat songs from the 80s.

With its well-choreographed steps infused with Pop-art and music revisions will surely get the attention of young viewers. You will surely sing-along J. Timberlake’s upbeat music “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and will suffer with LSS (last-song syndrome) with Anna Kendrick and Timberlake’s  version of “True Colors”. You will absolutely love their “Hello”, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and other music covers. There are also other artists that helped in making the movie’s soundtrack possible like the gorgeous Ariana Grande with her “They Don’t Know” and Gwen Stefani who voiced DJ Suki, resident DJ of Trolls Village.


Unfortunately, this Smurf-slash-Happy Feet-slash-Shrek combination film is not as child-friendly as everyone expects it to be. Since it is rated PG, parents and guardians are particularly expected to still guide their little ones while enjoying the film for there are scenes that might trigger a kid’s mind with questions like “Is farting with glitter more acceptable than just farting?” or “Is using the word stupid okay?” (because frankly, it has been used in the movie a lot of times). Not to mention, the lesson the film wanted to convey had a load of critics fuming about it because they see a “less- appropriate” one — that you need to find someone who will help you look for that inner happiness.

But hey! Why are we looking on that wrong side of the rainbow when we can always look at it the other way? We assure you that at the end of the movie, you would careless for those scenes (hopefully) because the OST, characters, and that strong bond of friendship they have is way more memorable.


With all these said, we conclude that if you are looking for a movie that will give you the “goodiest” feelings while singing and dancing your hearts out to music, then you should definitely watch TROLLS.

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