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When a girl and a guy gets locked up in a room for twenty-four hours, wouldn’t you think about something suspicious? The millennial generation probably has a lot to do with all the predictions we would all make. In “Twenty Questions ni Juan Ekis”, your instinct would be baffled.

The play presents two friends who’ve been locked up in a room by their barkada, as how their tradition takes place. Yumi and Jigs, two opposite characters, spends twenty-four hours together, and then ends up playing Twenty Questions. They get to ask 10 questions each, alternately, without having to ask the same question to the other.

The conversation may seem ordinary, but the lines are thoughts that we do not always utter. Or maybe, those that we could not utter. The material talks about love, sex, friendship, relationships, and life in general. What they say are things that happen in real life, and not the things that we only need to hear. Gone are the days when we only get to watch wholesome plays because they’re a part of the itinerary of educational tours. What year is it, anyway? Twenty Questions is something that preaches, but does not push us to learn. As minutes pass by, you’ll only find yourself nodding to Yumi’s monologue because it is simply relatable. Even when the play’s written for years already, the thought remains to be engaging and realistic today.

Twenty Questions by Juan Ekis

Twenty Questions ni Juan Ekis was staged in Green Sun Hotel, in which a function room was set up to look like a hotel room (inception!). The set’s complete with bed, lamps, and of course, a bottle of wine. It gives off a light atmosphere but the throw of lines and its implications definitely makes the audience sink deep into reality.

Twenty Questions was originally written by Christian Vallez, or Juan Ekis, as a material for a commissioned work. It has already been staged in 2006 and 2008. After eight years, the play was again brought to life by three pairs of Yumi and Jigs, namely Eggy Manuel, Luis Sumera, and Jedidah Maigue (Jigs), and Eri Durr, Alyana Dalisay, and Diandra Concepcion (as Yumi). Alongside the successful run of Twenty Questions this month, the production plans on extending the screenings all over the Philippines. What’s more to these is Juan Ekis’ tweet about a sequel called Twenty Answers. A preview of this would be seen in the book containing the script of Twenty Questions.

Twenty Questions by Juan Ekis

For updates, visit the Twenty Questions ni Juan Ekis Facebook page.

Twenty Questions by Juan Ekis


PS.: If you ever get the chance to play Twenty Questions, play it well. You don’t wanna lose this kind of game.