GOGAGAH.COM |  Have you noticed how more and more popular events are being accompanied by people in track suits rather than black tie outfits? People are planning outfits for a night out that would be considered acceptable only for weekend errands just a few years ago. How did this change in style come to be? Why is it now not only acceptable – but expected – to be well-versed in street styles and have the appropriate wardrobe? Let’s take a deep dive and find out.

street fashionThe celebs

As it was always the case, the celebrities of the society are the ones that set the trends that everyone else then copies. And if you look at the past decades, a lot of very popular singers and actors are people who originally didn’t come from wealth and high fashion. It was their everyday wear to be in ripped jeans and an oversized T-shirt, and the only thing they did is not change a single thing when they got to the big leagues. They kept the street style because it’s what fit their image, and other people saw that as a sign that it’s perfectly fine to wear street style, whatever the occasion. And then, they started coming out with their own brands and collections of streetwear that people were dying to get their hands on.

The millennial culture

Millennials are a great generation. They said no to the “rules” that the generations before them set up and decided to create their own rules, which were a lot more relaxed. Corporate culture is no longer strictly suits and ties. When a 20-something starts up a company and is a success – they’re not going to expect their peers to change the way they would normally dress to fit into this corporate mold. Ripped jeans from Inkosi Apparel in Sydney are a completely acceptable thing to wear to work, even if you work in a big company, doing a “serious” job. However, “not corporate” doesn’t mean not styled. Even if all the clothes you’re getting are from thrift stores, you still need to combine them in the right way.

New fashion rules

With young people becoming adults much faster these days, it’s quite normal that they are going to bring their style with them when they go to work (partially because they can’t afford the professional clothing and because they don’t feel it’s necessary) and anyone who dresses in the traditional “professional” way is going to be an outsider. All of these combined simply create a culture where streetwear is more accepted that any other style of clothing.

Why isn’t streetwear accepted as a fashion?

Many brands which create streetwear don’t want to be associated with the word, even if streetwear is what they predominantly make and sell. This is because streetwear, even though majorly popular, still isn’t publicly accepted in the mainstream world, so companies are afraid of losing other customers if they label themselves as streetwear. This does open the doors for a lot of brands who do exclusively streetwear to push themselves to the front of the race, but that is changing with the ever-growing demand. Streetwear companies are worth more and more every year, and they are evolving to be a lot more than just graphic T-shirts and hoodies.

So, if you want to change up your style, getting some streetwear isn’t a bad way to do it, especially with more and more options being available, and more stylists working with the trend to show you how you can wear it in different ways. The street doesn’t just have to be oversized, baggy and ripped – it can be extremely stylish and trendy, if you just find the right pieces to combine.