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‘You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh…’

And so goes the song ‘As time goes by’ — the theme song of the highly acclaimed movie classic, Casablanca.

But with the romance comes a theory that leads to propaganda during World War II.

Casablanca seeks to convince the audience into adopting a particular opinion or worldview.

It aims to oppress dictatorial governmental system of Germany and its impact through out Europe and some places in the world which makes the film an anti-fascist propaganda material which was created in an aim of backing up the United States’ participation in the Allied Forces’ struggle for global justice and democracy at a time when most Americans believed that they should have stayed isolated and remained neutral with the war to avoid complications and future involvement.

In a place bombarded by messages depicting people to join the war against Germany, Casablanca was in different stand. It was in particular position of showing that America was in great cooperation and participation during the war. And is said to be a “safe haven.” Citizens were the main center point and not World War II.

Casablanca highlights the peoples’ strong spirit and their continuous trial and battle at the time of a horrifying war. Propaganda is said to be visible via the film’s so called twists such as: vultures who constantly steal in disguise, false accusations against assumed refugees who are imprisoned without further investigations, the need to sell jewelries and the formation of gambling in order to be able to leave the place, some who were accused are prohibited to leave the country for a safer environment and a lot more. These scenes determines it as a propaganda film.

Major Strasser serves as a symbol of the typical cruel and irrational German officials whom disregards human life and dignity, and is determined people should bow down to the Third Reich.

Underground workers are shown to have a principal goal of fighting against the Nazis. It also shows ways the resistance fought the Germans. By portraying the truth through illegal newspapers and more.

Written by Laszlo which causes officials to forbid him from leaving Casablanca and is soon decided to be eliminated but Stresser fails to do so.

The words “concentration camp” are numerously repeated, as it symbolizes the unjust persecution and inhumanity of Germans. Exit Visas are in high value in the film which symbolize and represent life and death. That if they are incapable of getting out of the place they will be soon tortured and killed by German officials.

These and many more smaller incidents in the film lead to the premise that Casablanca was indeed a propaganda flick.

What do you think?

(via Joselle Janolo)