It is always natural for people out there to find a way to express them. Some people are into creating music, writing poetry and then you have others, expressing them with the help of role playing art. Instagram has already proven to be that amazing and easy outlet for the people to engage into the art of role play to one larger audience. Role playing on the IG platform is great for one who is not comfortable with the idea of dressing up and exposing alternative side in the public.

Understanding the notion of role play and getting its help on IG is somewhat different. Unless you are involved in this platform, you will not be able to understand it well. If you want to know more about the practices well, you have to get in touch with for the best response. There are some steps involved, which are further mentioned in this article for your better understanding. So, get to learn more about this option as well.

Start by creating a character:

For the first step, you have to find one character, which you want to role play as. This character can be from any platform, right from comic book, video game, show or even a movie. In case, you are going to be using any of the readymade character, make sure to do a lot of research even before you begin. It is not always necessary for that character o be a human. The beauty associated with role playing is that you get to choose anything that you want. It is all just about releasing yearning within yourself. For example, if you want to role play as a dog that from Air Bug, then you can do that as well.

Now for the creation stage:

Most of the time, people use one such character that they have been using for years now. For example, if you are willing to imagine knight named John, you can use this as your main character. After that, you have to consider the background of the character. What do you want them to be? What characteristics do you want your image to portray? Moreover, you need to think about their names as well.

  • For that, you have to take help of a pen and paper to write down some of the specified details about character.
  • Make sure to include everything that your mind can think of, even when you choose not to divulge information to public.
  • There are so many ways for you to be creative. Just do not be afraid to let this imagination of yours running wild.

Now for the wardrobe:

For the next stage, you have to think or worry about the wardrobe of the character in question you are planning to use. There are some people who are willing to choose not to dress up s character they are actually role playing. Others might end up enjoying this procedure more and feel like dressing up at the same time. When you are in this planning stage, you have to think about the possible outfit that you might wear for this character you have chosen for role playing.

  • Once you have proper idea of clothes that the character might wear, you can go to find them out and more.
  • There are second hand based clothing stores and even thrift stores, where you will come across various clothing to fit the needs well enough.
  • In place of dressing up like a clown or dragon, you can use some series of illustrations that you have made of the said character.

Work on the goals now:

You have to be sure of the goals now. Make sure to be realistic with what you are planning to accomplish in this current planning stage. Most of the time, people will not have any agenda with the ideas of role playing. But, still they end up doing so just for the sake of pure fun. Some people will also have some goals associated with role playing. An example might help you understand better. You can make use of phony politician account for the strict gun control.

  • There are some of the potential goals you might have for yourself while dealing with role playing idea. You can do that for calling attention to any political or social cause, promote or review products, amass followers and even earn an income.
  • You might even approach the idea of role playing, quite differently based on the goals you have covered now.

Creating a proper persona for the character:

In case, you are willing to choose one of the pre-made characters for your help, you might have to commit time to research everything you can for them. It can easily help in embody the character. In case, you are planning to create one character right from the scratch, then you have to practice o be that character before even you step online with it.

  • You can easily get benefitted from just dressing up in room just for the sake of practicing that character.
  • It might make you feel a bit silly, but you might get the chance to learn something by trying to live within the persona of the character.

Sign up for that new account:

Once you are sure of the character for role playing, next stop is to deal with the signing up to a new account. You might already have one existing IG account with your name and face on it. Apart from that, you have to open a new account if you are willing to enjoy the value of role playing. There is no need to let people know that you are the one behind this character. It is a great way to hold privacy in this regard.

You can easily sign up for the IG using email or by using the FB account. If you have already registered with FB or email, you will not be able to create any new account. So, create a new one for the same!