What Is the Most Efficient Way To Pack Clothes?
Photo by Vlada Karpovich: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-woman-packing-her-suitcase-7365311/

Gogagah | What Is the Most Efficient Way To Pack Clothes? | Most people know that you have to be careful with delicate family heirlooms when moving. But what about your wardrobe? Many of the clothes you wear are made of delicate materials or have buttons and embellishments that can catch or tear. You don’t want your clothes to arrive in shambles, especially if you need these items for work.

It’s important to move your clothes effectively. When moving, you should make sure to protect all of your favorite items as you go from one place to another. Follow these tips to pack strategically whether you’re moving to someplace new or traveling for vacation.

Pack the items you don’t wear frequently.

Most people have clothes that fall into two different categories: items they wear frequently (your favorite shirt or those black bootcut jeans that have a perfect fit) and items they rarely wear. These lesser-worn articles of clothing can range from ballgowns you bought for special occasions to clothes that lack the versatility you thought they would have.

As you start to pack up your wardrobe, sort through the must-have items and the articles of clothing that you can do without for a few weeks. You can also sort by season. If you are moving in the middle of the summer, you can quickly pack up your winter coat, long johns, denim jeans, and long-sleeve shirts.

You can’t pack all of your clothes at once (you still need fresh clothes to wear each day) but you can eliminate items that you are unlikely to wear for the time being.

Try to minimize the amount of space your clothes take up.

The easiest way to pack your clothes for a long-distance move is to pull everything from your closet and place it in cardboard boxes. However, this isn’t the most efficient way. Inefficient packing can increase the number of boxes you need to move with and could potentially leave you without room for other pieces of furniture. You don’t want to abandon your favorite antiques just because the moving truck is full.

If you work with reputable movers, they should provide an accurate estimate for how much space you will have and what you can store. Long Island movers are used to handling valuable possessions and they understand the logistics of moving items to your next home. However, it’s still important to be smart about how you pack.

Take time to fold your clothes and tightly pack them into boxes in order to save space and have a better move. You might even want to invest in vacuum seal options so you can store more items in less space.

Don’t try to pack clothes on hangers.

Hangers take up a lot of space. They are inflexible and bulky. While keeping your clothes on hangers can make the packing process easier, it can also cause you to use more boxes because you will be able to fit fewer items in each box.

Consider giving away your hangers or donating them before you move. Plastic hangers are affordable and you can find them in almost any home goods store. You can save space in the moving process by replacing them.

Replacing your hangers can also be a good idea if they are worn out. For example, if you hang bootcut jeans on hangers, the weight of the denim could cause the middle bar to sag. New hangers offer fresh support to your jeans.

Effective packing can ensure that your whole wardrobe survives the big move. The movers can take good care of your items so they are fresh and easy to unpack as you settle into your home. Keep these tips in mind as you start preparing your clothes for their new home.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-woman-packing-her-suitcase-7365311/