Sabang Beach Baler, Aurora (Credit: Hitokirihoshi)

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Travelling is one the best chances to bond with the special people of your life. The thought of dining together at an exotic restaurant or praying at faraway temple in a foreign land is a dream date to fulfill.  But in contrast to this, not all people can actually travel with partners and some even prefer solo travels. Why and why not go for solo trips?

Touring around on your own has advantages and disadvantages, but backpackers and trippers recommend that you should add solo travel in you bucket list.  Few things you may enjoy in doing this are soul searching and rediscovering what you can do outside your comfort zone, in short priceless adventure.

“One of the most important things I have learned from travelling alone is having self confidence in situations out of my normal habitat…you learn so much about yourself and how you handle various circumstances that throw you for a loop. You also learn to laugh at things instead of letting them stress you out. You most definitely learn flexibility!” Kinga Philipps, host of the Travel Channel’s The Wild Side with Kinga Philipps, in an interview with

Philipps added that at first, she’s afraid in trying solo travel because there are places that are tagged as expensive and not women-friendly. However, she advised researches and preparation can make you safer. The veteran traveller suggested Italy, Hawaii, and Australia are worthy destinations for women like her.

While solo travel looks like one-of-a-kind adventure, for the others it could be life-changing too because primarily because the freedom they encounter. On her blog post on, Jessie Festa shared her solo trip Thailand boosted her self-esteem, social skills, independent spirit, and become open-minded.

Calle Crisologo, Vigan (Credit: Hitokirihoshi)
Calle Crisologo, Vigan (Credit: Hitokirihoshi)

“The most important thing solo female travel has taught me is that anything is possible,” Festa shared. I’ve gone from blindly believing stereotypes and what I hear on the news to experiencing places and cultures firsthand, creating my own truths. And while I know there are bad people and dangerous places in the world, solo female travel has turned me into an optimist that believes there are many more safe places and people with kind hearts. Solo travel has taught me how much more worthwhile life can be when you live it to the fullest without regrets.”

Though solo travel gives unique experience, it is important that being alone and alert all the time is part of the package.  Apart from you should ready your pocket to pay all the fees, it’s also good to master your skills in taking selfies.