From Windows Phone 8.1, Miscrosoft skips Windows 9 for Windows 10 for Phone.

by Rey Beltran |

For avid fans of Windows phones, Windows 10 is something to look forward to. What with all the improvements Microsoft has been talking about in their intermittent press releases and blogs, many people who have Windows 8.1 running in their mobile devices have already downloaded its Technical Preview build.

At the MWC 2015 press conference, Microsoft has also said that it will be updating all devices running Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and that includes PCs too! Hopefully, the said update will be finished by end of 2015.

Because this is a technical preview, Windows 10 is just giving us a sampler of what features have been included in the new iteration of the platform. It is also unstable and buggy as it is just a preview of the good things to come to all Windows phone users. Microsoft reminded the downloaders to back up their devices before installing the technical preview.

One OS for All

Expect that Windows 10 will unite all devices using running it as its OS. So the apps and other features will look the same across all devices (PC, tablet, mobile devices, etc.). Expect therefore that MS Office will run similarly on your phones the way it runs on PC. Settings will basically be the same across all devices. Apps like Photos, Music, Videos, and the like, will have similar user interface. This totally makes sense, as transfer of data between Windows devices will now be seamless.

MS Office

Because this is Windows 10, MS Office is not far behind. Yes, you will be able to open MS Office documents across all your devices running Windows 10. What makes this a novel idea is the fact that you can use your mobile to do a Powerpoint presentation!

User Interface

Live Tiles is one Windows phone feature that makes your mobile device stand out among others running a different OS. This Live Tiles feature allows you to customize your mobile’s Start screen apart from just changing its colors. You still have to swipe to the right to see your apps list. But what changed in Windows 10 is that the list is now more organized, showing the most recent downloaded app at the top of your screen.

Also, a new layout for the Settings screen make it more streamlined visually, while the Action Center has more options compared to its Windows Phone 8.1 version. You now have a wider range of quick settings in Windows 10 for phone.


To be continued