Zoos in Metro Manila

By: MJ Gonzales |Gogagah

Do you want to bring your kids to a place where they find entertainment and learn something too? You don’t need to go farther to experience an instant field trip with your kids because zoos situated within or nearby Metro Manila like in Malabon, Manila, Quezon City, Pasig, and Montalban.

Besides pollution, not all animals are safe to keep as pets that’s why in most cases kids only see them on internet, books, and television.  The good news is these days there new places to visit when you like to see animals  like Avilon Zoo in Montalban Rizal, Ark Avilon in Ortigas, Pasig, and even marine theme park such as Manila Ocean Park in Luneta, Manila.  Meantime, it is also cool tour around Zoobic Zafari in Pampanga.  Meantime, Manila Zoo, Malabon Zoo, and Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life still the classic favorites because of their affordable entrance fees and accessibility.

Malabon Zoo. Malabon Zoo is small than the others, but you’ll see here closer the different of types and breeds of birds, fishes, bears, lions, and monkeys.  Another cool stuff in this zoo is the inspiring quotes and trivia about the animals that make your learning session more enjoyable.Tigers at Malabon Zoo by Hitokirihoshi

Manila Zoo. This place became controversial in the past years due to Sri-Lanka born elephant named Mali, which confined in the zoo for four decades. You can still visit Mali in this 5.5 hectare park, along with other rare animals like hippopotamus corn, zebra, horses, crocodiles, Malay Civet Cat and Palawan Bear Cat.  In 2014, Manila Zoo increased their entrance fee from Php40 to Php 100 for non-Manila residents and Php 60 (from Php 20) for Manileños.  Accordingly to Philippine Daily Inquirer’s report, it’s for the beautification and welfare of the animals there.

Animals at Manila Zoo Photo by Hitokirihoshi

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life. Meantime if you like larger park where you can also do other activities such as picnic and playing, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life is the place for you.  It’s the Zoological and Botanical Park near Quezon Memorial Circle, has 64.58hectare (159.6-acre) space and the entrance fee is less than Php 10. However compare to others, this park has only few animals that mostly types of birds, snakes, and turtles. In case you didn’t know, this is also serves as sanctuary and clinic for the lost and injured animals.Animals at Nino Aquino Parks and Wild Life (photo by Hitokirihoshi)