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Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH

Did you know that you can’t buy the GoPro Hero5 or Hero5 Session from Amazon anymore? It’s not because they simply ran out of stocks. Rumors are going around that Amazon ang GoPro are currently having disagreements over pricing, and GoPro is losing as much as $10 million.

The disagreement between the retail giant and the action camera maker began late last week. GoPro announced that they had intentionally stopped selling the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session through Amazon while talks are ongoing. The GoPro Hero5 or Hero5 Session cameras are still available from “third party sellers”,  but not through Amazon itself.

The disagreement stemmed from Amazon’s decision to sell the Hero5 below the previously negotiated “floor price,” the cheapest GoPro will let a retailer sell their cameras for.

Amazon contributes about 12-14% of GoPro’s sales. Putting the camera sales on hold can contribute to tremendous losses unless GoPro addresses the issue.

The current disagreement could cost GoPro as much as $10 million in sales.

A GoPro spokesperson said the cameras would be available again by late October/early November.

The halt in sales had a negative effect on GoPro’s stock from taking a dive as soon as the news broke. The company’s stock took a 16.8% hit on the week due to the sudden stop in Amazon sales.

Any which way, September or early October are slow sales months. Prolonging the agony throughout the holday season could make more serious damages to GoPro.

Late last month, tha action camera maker not only introduced its long awaited Karma drone but also showed off the two massively improved camera models. In addition, GoPro launched its compelling new GoPro Quik editing app, as well as a cloud subscription service called GoPro Plus.

Let’s all hope that the disagreements between the two tech giants end soon to make our holidays oh so digitally special.

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