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Gogagah| Why Managed IT Services is one of the Essential Services during Lock down |Essential Services during Lockdown. Many nations have developed a set of measures to mitigate the spread of this deadly disease, and in instances where the situation is worse; lockdowns have been instituted to regulate human movement.

This has affected most of the business activities across the globe, but it seems the managed it services are benefiting in disguise. The managed services have been essential because many activities are done from home and on the internet, but other services like; electricity, water supply sanitation, and sewerage have also been crucial. The IT sector has ensured that reliable managed its services have been offered to all the people at home so that their social life continues.

The Internet is the Link to Social Life

The internet has become the umbilical to the things happening outside because people need it for schooling, jobs, and even interactions with friends and relatives. Since people cannot go to social places for entertainment, the managed service has become the primary source. The internet traffic from January to March increased rapidly in the various major cities, according to a business network infrastructure provider in the US called Cloudflare. Video conferencing has become the order of the day like the way people do the face-to-face interaction with their relatives, colleagues, and friends. Video conferencing software has registered higher usage in the first two months of 2020 than the whole of 2019.

Increased Internet Usage

Amidst a sudden burst of usage, the internet is still doing fine even though there are signs of strains are being witnessed. You will encounter situations where the Wi-Fi is slow, sites that cannot load and even video calls being cut out, and this even if this is on the cards, the managed services are growing tremendously. The offline to online shift has distressed the internet, and now the idea of a distributed network comes in because the local disruption can occur but not have a broader impact.

The Internet’s Impact on Cost and Productivity

The cost and productivity benefit of working from home has boosted the IT sector massively, but also the agencies in the service sector like the banks, financial markets, outsourced administration, and insurance firms, are benefiting as well. The office maintenance charges will be cut, and the employees will work at their comfort away from the cities plagued with massive air pollution as well as traffic issues. Even though several employers have instilled a pay-cut on their employees, they are happy with the convenience at which the internet allows them to work.

The Internet Peak Consumption

Earlier on, major internet usage was after-work, but these days there are several peaks during the day, and this increases the traffic, thereby promoting the growth. The significant change in internet usage has also been recorded in the countries where the consumption was already high, but in less pronounced numbers though. This traffic can no more be handled on a few hubs, and so multiple locations are needed. However, this is not easy for internet firms because the connectivity is spread out, and the users are accessing it from different networks. To sustain this demand, high-speed connections are necessary to ensure nothing stops.