Who is the new Thor?

by Rey Beltran | www.gogagah.com

The 1st issue of Thor, where an unknown female became worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, Thor Odinson’s hammer, stared at me at the comic book shelf of Comic Odyssey. Intrigued by the cover featuring a masked female Thor, I perused it before deciding to buy it. That was like seven issues ago.  And I can say I am hooked to this new version of Thor where the one wielding the hammer is female.

It was a novel idea that Jason Aaron, the current writer of the Marvel title, pushed. Sure there were female versions of Thor, but not that female version confined to the nether realm of the Marvel Universe (if I am not mistaken, she can be found in Earth 606 of Marvel’s universe). There was even a Wonder Thor, when DC vs. Marvel collaborated way back in the mid-90s. But this new Thor? She really IS the real successor to the Mjolnir.

Picking up where Odinson lost his being worthy to carry the hammer when Nick Fury whispered something to him (we have yet to know what Fury whispered), we discover that no one is worthy enough to lift Mjolnir. Not even Odin, who created it. Everyone gave up. But here comes a female figure, carefully drawn and framed by Russel Dauterman so as not to reveal who she is, wondering if she can lift it. And she was able to! And I was hooked!

As the new Thor discover what the Mjolnir can do, I was also discovering that I am liking this book. Aaron is a smooth storyteller, taking my hand through the character’s discoveries as she explores what the hammer can do. Aaron skillfully introduced me to the rogues’ gallery of Thor, the current status quo of Asgard, and all that a newbie would need to know, except the identity of this new Thor.

Understandably, this mystery is what hooked me. Who’s this worthy lass who can lift Mjolnir? What’s going to happen to Odinson now that his left arm was cut off (thanks to Malekith)? What kind of threat will Roxxon Industries pose to this new heroine? Will Odin cede the ownership of the hammer to this new Thor?

As a self-confessed DC fan, I am surprised that I am enjoying this title and eagerly looking forward to what’s going to happen next.  Definitely, I will be there when they reveal the lady behind the mask, the new wielder of Mjolnir… a female Thor!

Thor #8 will hit your local comic book shops on May 13, 2015.