Microsoft is building itself up to become one of the leading contenders in the mobile market.

by Rey Beltran |

Although Samsung has beaten Windows to it, switching from phone to your desktop has been further improved in Windows 10. You can easily clear a notification you receive from the Action Center on your Windows 10 phone and it will also be cleared automatically from your desktop, and vice versa.

MSOffice documents are easily accessed from all Windows-run devices because they will all be synced in the cloud. And with a recent docs list feature, you can immediately open a Powerpoint file, a Word file or an Excel file.


While Windows 10 for phones features live tiles, it doesn’t look the same with its desktop version, but close enough to easily familiarize yourself. So personalizing your device is smooth and easy. All it takes is a swipe to the right, then the apps list appears; newly-installed apps are shown on top of the screen.

The settings screen has a new layout, thanks to the online leaks of the preview. Feel free to search the Internet to familiarize yourself further.

As for the keyboard or digital keypad, it’s still the Word Flow from Windows 8.1. But the innovation here is that it can now be resized and moved around the screen to perfectly suit your preferences. Another new feature is in-line message where you switch between SMS and Skype without accessing the apps.

Camera and photos

One of the many universal apps is the new photos. It syncs your images across all your devices running Windows 10 using OneDrive. It also recognizes duplicate images and removes it automatically, it creates albums automatically, and it enhances your photos (by removing red eye, etc.) automatically!

While Lumia Camera is becoming the default camera app for all Windows 10 handsets, you can still see the changes to the camera app for other phones running on Windows 10 such as auto-HDR, 4K video recording, rich capture (allows you to combine images to create one great photo) and dynamic flash (allows you to take pictures with and without flash but adjust the flash level after taking the photo).

For Lumia users on the other hand, you can readily use these features and enjoy the faster launch and picture-taking of the new version of Lumia Camera.

Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Project Spartan

By now, all of you have heard the demise of Internet Explorer as the default browser of Windows 10. Currently named Project Spartan, Microsoft is still looking for a name to call its newly developed internet browser which will also be part of your Windows 10 for phones.

But wait… there’s more!

We’re still eagerly waiting for further improvements, innovation and enhancements of Windows 10 for phone and for desktop. We believe that the preview shown on MWC 2015 is just the tip of the iceberg and that Microsoft is set to make its indelible mark in the mobile industry this 2015.