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Nokia X is finally available in the Philippines. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this beautiful and affordable smartphone, here’s an indispensable to-do list once the shiny box is open.

1. Install apps

The beauty of Nokia X is its ability to run Android apps, opening up a world of possibilities for Android developers who want you to experience their handiwork. All you have to do is click on “Store” from the home screen to be presented with a list of featured apps, games and app collections, along with the ability to search apps by text or browsing 33 distinct categories. Oh, and don’t forget to…

2. Update your apps

One of the great things about Nokia X is notifications and, straight from the home screen, you’ll be alerted to any available app updates. Just swipe to the right to be taken to the app-download screen. Couldn’t be simpler.

3. Switch on Glance screen

Those familiar with Asha touch and Nokia Lumia devices will appreciate the convenience of Glance screen. Once enabled, just give the Nokia X display a quick tap and it’ll display the time. You’ll find the option in Settings. Most handy.

4. Personalize Fastlane

Think of Fastlane as your dynamic home screen. It’s here that you’ll receive up-to-the-minute notifications of apps, general features, email, social networks, messaging, maps and much more. Click on the Fastlane option within Settings to customize what you want to see. Here, you’ll also be able to choose which apps record their history on your Fastlane, and choose a social network shortcut for your preferred service.

5. Customize your home screen

To make your Nokia X feel like your own, arrange your home screen icons by “holding and dragging” to wherever you want. To make an icon bigger, click the arrow that appears once an icon is selected. You can also put multiple icons in folders, add widgets and choose your own wallpaper from the Settings menu – either from pre-determined designs or your image gallery.


6. Use the back button!

A simple, but essential feature; the “back” button at the bottom of the Nokia X will take you back one-step from wherever you are. Hold it for a second to jump back to the home screen.

7. Set up your email

It takes less than a minute. Just click on the email icon from the home screen, tap the plus icon, enter your email address and password, give it a name (you can have multiple accounts) and, all being well, you’ll be ready to send and receive.

Nokia X will allow you to perform all the usual e-tasks, such as ‘starring’ important mail, searching your inbox, forwarding, replying and, if you have multiple accounts, viewing a unified inbox.


8. Take a picture

The Nokia X sports a 3MP camera. Click on the camera icon and you’ll have access to a wide range of features to capture the perfect shot. Combine this with the wealth of photographic apps in the Store and you’ve got a potent portable snapper.

9. Fill it with your favorite music

With your memory card, you can store your favorite songs from your PC library and listen to them while on the go.

10. Get additional color shells

Depending on your fashion mood, you may easily change the look of your Nokia X simply by changing the color shells to go with a specific motif. These color shells are also available at your authorized Nokia outlets.

In the Philippines, Nokia X is available in bright green, bright red, white and black for only Php5,990 (SRP).